About Us

At Kalypso’s we provide a clean, comfortable, highly personal environment that caters to both men and women.

We prefer to focus on enhancing each individual’s outward appearance by capturing their inner beauty and letting it shine through. Feeling empowered from the inside out can inspire total confidence in every facet of a person’s life. By utilizing our continued education and safe professional products, we set the bar high for perfection and satisfaction.



Kelly Dalton (Owner)

As a fully licensed cosmetologist, Kelly Dalton is a vibrant professional who truly loves what she does. Her ability to make each guest feel completely comfortable while delivering the highest degree of professional service comes from years of experience working at various types of salons. With her positive, easy-going attitude and fun-loving demeanor, Kelly has an unparalleled ability to connect with anyone. Kelly is a Rochester native who has built her career locally. As someone who takes great pride in her local community, Kelly relishes the opportunity to be apart of an already impressive class of amazing, well run local businesses that make Rochester who it is. Following her dreams means the world to her and she cannot wait to invite you on her new adventure!


Dan McAndrew (Business Partner)

Two years ago Dan helped owner Paul Lehoullier open Flour City Station, a bar/music venue on East Ave. He currently works in conjunction with the management team of Evan Dulnik and Matt Green and handles various marketing and business duties to ensure the continued success of this great establishment. Much in the same way Dan is helping Kelly set up Kalypso’s and will be in charge of all things business and marketing related. This will allow Kelly to solely focus on giving each client the best possible experience each and every time they walk through the doors.