Waxing for Women



Brazilian ($65)
All hair removed front and backside

Bikini ($45)
Removes all hair outside the bikini line

Between the Cheeks ($20)
Just in between the cheeks on the backside

Full Cheeks ($20)
Full backside from the hips to the back of the thighs

Full Leg ($70)
Both legs from hips to toes

Half Leg ($45)
Both legs from hip to knee or knee to toes

Full Arm ($45)
Both arms from shoulders to fingers

Half Arm ($30)
Both arms from shoulders to elbows or elbows to fingers

Underarms ($15)
Both armpits



Full Face ($35)
sideburns, cheeks, chin, upper lip and brows

Eyebrows ($20)
Cleanup or shaping

Upper Lip ($10)
nose to lip and cheek to cheek

Chin ($5)
Full chin

Stomach ($20)
From sternum to underwear line

Back ($20)
From shoulders to backside

Hand ($10)
Both hands from the wrists to the fingertips

Foot ($10)
Both feet including top of foot and toes